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Your service begins with a free "Site Survey Request". From there, we can verify coverage for your location and the correct receiver equipment needed. This equipment can connect to either your existing in-house network, router or to any single Ethernet capable device you'd like. Once purchased and installed, the receiver equipment belongs solely to the customer as they are not under any contract.

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Residential  Internet / Unlimited Data / No Contracts

With truly unlimited data and fiber speeds, no other internet service provider even compares. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone) users and online gaming enthusiasts will rave over the extremely low latencies and symmetrical upstream capabilities which no other residential ISP can provide. Because our service requires no contracts or credit checks, anyone can subscribe or even feel free to skip a month of service if you like with absolutely no additional fees or monthly service charges.

$87.99 / month

or call 865-200-9320

Business  Internet / Unlimited Data / No Contracts

Today's business world requires a symmetrical upstream and ultra low latencies. Video conferencing, VPN (virtual private networking), VOIP (voice over internet phone), and 99.9% uptime is vital to give you an edge in today's modern interconnected market. Antiquated "copper line" and coaxial cable internet simply cannot provide the same upload speeds and response time capabilities as HollerNet. Your business can now have the speed of a direct fiber connection at a fraction of the cost.

$149.99 / month

HollerNet's unique "on-demand load balancing" capabilities provide an internet connection which adapts and responds to the way you use it. That means no buffering while streaming, crystal clear high definition video conferencing, immediate response time interactive gaming and truly unlimited data without "caps", "throttling" or "peak-usage time" nonsense.

NOTICE: Modems are NOT compatible with HollerNet service. We strongly recommend a "Gigabit" capable wireless N or AC router which is not provided with standard installation. Although most standard routers will work fine with HollerNet (ie. D-Link, Belkin, TP-Link, ASUS, TrendNet, Buffalo), we stronly recommend the following Netgear models: N300-WiFi Router(WNR2000) / N750-WiFi Router(WNDR4300) / N900-WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router(WNDR4500) / AC750-Dual Band WiFi Router(R6020) / AC1200-WiFi Router(R6120)

NOTICE: Linksys, Cisco and Apple routers have known compatibility issues with networks which do not utilize modems (such as HollerNet). DHCP hosting and DNS services must be manually configured on these brands for proper functionality.

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