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Introducing is the next generation in Uni-Fi technology. Do you need a secured network which will support hundreds of users simultaneously streaming video? Traditional Wi-Fi repeaters simply will not deliver this type of performance and will usually max out at around 15 - 30 simultaneous users per repeater. With scalable Uni-Fi technology, there is no limit to the number users nor is there a physical coverage area size limitation to your network.

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Uni-Fi is the next logical step in the evolution of wireless data. Traditional Wi-Fi networks can only assign a single IP address per device in order to connect that device to a single radio or access point at which time a fixed amount of bandwidth (throughput) is allocated. Once the user has left the effective range of that radio, they must then reconnect and reacquire an IP address from the next available radio within range. Each individual radio is itself allocated a fixed amount of bandwidth (whether it uses it or not) per IP address in which to reassign to these users. It is this inefficient process of assigning fixed amounts of data per IP which causes traditional Wi-Fi to become encumbered when utilized by multiple simultaneous devices. By deploying range extenders and repeaters, the problem is actually compounded upon as more than half of the available bandwidth is typically sacrificed in the repeating process. Uni-Fi networks are able to effectively manage and reallocate all unused bandwidth to any single user upon demand. Although throttling (speed limits) may be utilized if desired, there are no fixed amounts of data to be wasted. The HollerFi concept is a self load-balancing, self-healing, semi-sentient network which actively monitors the physical location of it's users and their individual bandwidth requirements while redirecting and prioritizing any unused bandwidth in order to keep itself as efficient as possible. HollerFi is even able to self-diagnose and reroute data in the event of an individual device failure. Instead of utilizing repeaters and range extenders, HollerFi is able to deploy paired bridge radios which simulate point to point fiber connections without the need for a physical cable. In this manner, data is able to reach the end user with minimal or no bandwidth loss whatsoever.

Zero-Handoff is the process of migrating a data connection (your Wi-Fi device) from one location to another without experiencing an interruption in signal. Uni-Fi networks are able to accomplish this by simultaneously connecting your devices not just to a single Wi-Fi radio, but to all available Wi-Fi radios simultaneously similar to the way a cellular network "hands off" your call from one tower to the next. Because Uni-Fi is aware of it's physical layout along with the locations of its users, Zero-Handoff can ensure your users will never drop a "Wi-Fi call", or buffer a streaming video. Zero-Handoff technology also allows Uni-Fi to surpass traditional Wi-Fi speeds by sending data to your devices from multiple paths simultaneously instead of from a single source. By combining a 2.4GHz (penetrating & long range spectrum) and 5GHz (mass throughput & high speed spectrum) signals, HollerFi is also able deliver the best of both worlds; building/structure penetration along with superior speeds and coverage.

Most commercial grade Wi-Fi networks require a monthly service subscription for monthly maintenance, support and software licensing. HollerFi requires absolutely no reoccurring monthly or annual service cost. Because our simple administrator interface is completely "point and click", we are able to train your employees to be confident in it's use and maintenance. HollerFi networks can even be remotely monitored and administrated with a simple online login. Administrators can also setup multiple logins with restricted access to key features for security. HollerFi is a patent pending Uni-Fi network designed for high traffic and high density areas. HollerFi comes equipped with a vast array of easy to setup features such as guest portals, landing pages, bandwidth allocation, premium billing options and much more.

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