Automate, monitor, network and remotely control every aspect of your home or business. Energy efficiency and security have never been so easy.


What Can Be Connected?

Smart solar energy has revolutionized within the past few years. Not only has it become affordable but it is also able to self monitor, diagnose and report it's status and statistics directly to you via the cloud from anywhere.

Home security and intrusion detection is remarkably simple once it has been interconnected wirelessly to your mobile devices. Answer your doorbell from anywhere in the world or text a Bluetooth key to guests even when you are out of town.

Lights can turn on automatically when you enter a room and turn off when you exit. Activate or dim your lights straight from your phone whether you are in the room or on vacation.

Any appliance or outlet can now be remotely enabled or disabled from a mobile device or via schedule. Monitor and reduce energy costs with real-time wireless data from every individual device.

With a variety of smart thermostats, water heaters and climate control units to chose from, you can be both comfortable and energy efficient.

Home media servers and network storage devices are the single most secured way of protecting your personal data.  Backup, secure and access your mobile devices, files, photos, videos and more from your very own personal cloud.

Real-time surveillance is critical to home and business security. On-site DVR's are fragile and vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Cloud storage of surveillance footage means that no matter what happens on-site, the recorded video will always be safe and available.

Cloud enabled water leak, smoke, surge and carbon monoxide detectors can prevent serious damage and injury in your home or business. Get alerts to your mobile devices in real-time.

With broadband availability, home phone service is now free. Call anywhere in North America without ever paying a phone bill by utilizing VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone). Conference calling, voicemail, caller ID, video calling, WIFI calling, call waiting and more are all available with absolutely no charges or fees.

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