NOTICE to all current HollerNet subscribers!

Due to popular demand, effective August 1 2017 at 11:59PM HollerNet will migrate to a new billing system to better service our customers. This new billing system will require customers to provide a valid email, phone number, MAC address and physical street address in order to implement. All current subscribers will be contacted ASAP to verify this information by customer service representatives whom will leave a voicemail if possible in the event that they could not get in touch with the customers. Please feel free to contact a member of our migration team at 865-282-3849 at your earliest convenience if you have not yet been contacted by them. Effective August 1 2017, your services may be temporarily suspended if this information is not received. Thank you for your cooporation.

With truly unlimited data and fiber speeds, no other internet service provider even compares.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) users, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone) users and online gaming enthusiasts will rave over the extremely low latencies and symmetrical upstream capabilities which no other residential ISP can provide.

Because our service requires no contracts or credit checks, anyone can subscribe or even feel free to skip a month of service if you like with absolutely no additional fees or monthly service charges.

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HollerNet's unique "on-demand load balancing" capabilities provide an internet connection which adapts and responds to the way you use it. That means no buffering while streaming, crystal clear high definition video conferencing, immediate response time interactive gaming and truly unlimited data without "caps", "throttling" or "peak-usage time" nonsense.

Service Requirements & Equipment

Your service begins with a free "Site Survey Request". From there, we can verify coverage for your location and the correct receiver equipment needed. This equipment can connect to either your existing home router or to any single Ethernet capable device you'd like. Once purchased and installed, the receiver equipment belongs solely to the customer as they are not under any contract.


We strongly recommend a "Gigabit" capable wireless N or AC router (preferably NetGear) which is not provided with standard installation. Most standard routers will work fine with HollerNet.

Modems and non-DHCP compatible devices such as network switches, network bridges or network hubs are not compatible as termination devices for HollerNet.

Due to manufacturing / software defects with "Radius Authentication Protocol" the following routers have known issues and are not recommended for use with HollerNet: Apple Airport Extreme / Asus OnHub / TP-Link OnHub / Linksys E1200 / Linksys EA4500 / Cisco EA6500

Billing & Payments

Monthly payments are handled through our automated "Landing Page". HollerNet will never send you a bill as this service is 100% prepaid. Once installation has been completed, any personal or contact information will be discarded as The Holler Enterprises does not track in any way your usage or location. All payments are currently handled via PayPal and receipts for payments made will be issued by PayPal.

Once your home router has been connected to HollerNet, your networked (wired or wireless) devices will be automatically redirected to our "Welcome Page" upon first use. On the "Welcome Page", you will find payment options for a one time purchase of a 1 day, 7 day or 30 day block of service along with a PayPal guided walkthrough for new users to process payments.

Regular continuous purchasing of prepaid services is NOT required to maintain serviceability or standard pricing. NO reconnection fees, early termination fees or service setup fees will ever be required of you. 

There are no additional fees for multiple devices connected to your home network. Essentially you are purchasing service for your home router or the terminating device which connects to the HollerNet receiver. There are no limitations, restrictions or caps placed upon the size, topology, usage or device count of your network (ie 5x Smart TV's, 2x VOIP phones, 3x Laptops....).

Acceptable Usage & Security

Each client which connects to HollerNet is identified and authorized onto the network solely by the MAC ID of the terminating device (ie. router). All individual devices are manufactured with a unique MAC ID as per international networking standards. If for any reason, HollerNet is connected to via duplicate or "cloned" MAC ID's, both devices will be restricted from connecting to the network thereby eliminating any potential security threats. 

HollerNet users are secured through a minimum of 5 static hardware and 3 dynamic software firewalls along with "Radius MAC ID Authentication" prior to ever connecting to the world wide web. This makes HollerNet the single most secured ISP network available.

As of current, Static IPv4 and IPv6 addressed are not available for lease or purchase through HollerNet.

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