Despite all the marketing hype surrounding fiber, the real-world math is undeniable ~ courtesy of the laws of physics

Signal Transmission Speeds:

Fiber = 8 µs per mile

Radio = 4.5 µs per mile

That gives HollerBridge a 44% faster response time than direct point-to-point fiber.


What is HollerBridge

HollerBridge is the next technological advancement in direct point-to-point data links. HollerBridge can merge two or more locations into a single network without the need for VPN or in-ground cabling. HollerBridge is not only drastically faster, but also more affordable than older technologies such as T1, T3 or Dark Fiber.

Instead of paying a monthly lease on multisite in-ground networks, HollerNet gives you the option of owning your own network for a fraction of the annual cost.

-Become Your Own Internet Service Provider

-Reduce Connection/Bandwidth Usage Costs

-Eliminate Reliance on Existing In-Ground Networks

-Load Balance Multiple Sites and Incoming Connections

-Secure Your Existing Networks With Multi-Path Redundancy

HollerBridge Types
Type A

Type B
Load Balancing Point-to-Point

Type C
HollerBridge Classes
Class 1
Maximum Obstruction Penetration
5km Maximum Range
100Mb/s Max Potential Capacity Per Link

Class 2
Fair Obstruction Penetration
10km Maximum Range
250Mb/s Max Potential Capacity Per Link

Class 3
Poor Obstruction Penetration
30km Maximum Range
750Mb/s Max Potential Capacity Per Link

Class 4
No Obstruction Penetration
80km Maximum Range
1.5Gb/s Max Potential Capacity Per Link

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